Proindex in 2021

We are a major production company in the printing industry with production in the Czech Republic. We are one of the best in our line of work – no matter the circumstances we always strive to work „better, faster and cheaper“.

We also own two sales companies – Alket s.r.o. focused on the Austrian market and Proindex Deutschland GmbH aimed at German customers. We are one of the largest European / Central European companies in index cutting and, due to a significant increase in production, also in wire binding.

Why we are the best choice

  1. The size of our production capacity has no competition in Central Europe. We are able to cut up to 100,000 product pieces and the identical amount of wire binding products per day.
  2. All of our production equipment uses the latest technology and is therefore very functional, which allows us to have very fast delivery times and top quality production.
  3. Our employees are continually professionally trained so that they can always provide the best advice to our customers; most of our employees are in fact professionals with many years of experience in the field.
  4. When cooperating with customers we are able to offer a price within 30 minutes, and we will do it in a friendly manner and in such a way so that we can help the customers acquire the order that they want.


Our clients are always our top priority. If you ever need to know anything about Proindex products or services, don’t hesitate to contact our team; they will be happy to help you.

Business department:

Ing. Michal Knödl

+420 606 658

Production Hořovice:

Bc. Mirka Šenková

+420 724 392

Back office:

Bc. Marta Skamenová

+420 723 792

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