We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our products, and we have a wide-range service portfolio. We are willing to provide detailed advice to all of our customers and our team of professionally trained staff is always ready to lend a helping hand. We will carefully listen to every idea, and based on demand we will immediately create a complete and individually-tailored offer. We will professionally complete individual orders and prepare them for distribution. Thanks to our sophisticated logistics system, we will provide quick transportation to the target destination and we guarantee the smooth and safe delivery of every order.

We will set up advantageous conditions for cooperation

When providing world-class customer service, we go even further. Our aim is to help our clients obtain orders, which they are seeking in the competitive battle. We are able to provide the price for the cooperation very quickly, usually within 30 minutes, which makes it easy for customers to quickly respond when creating offers for clients. We also simultaneously try to make this price as low as possible so as to avoid needlessly increasing the total price of the final offer; this way our customers can offer a financially attractive proposal to their potential clients.

We will speed up the production process

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that the different stages of production (data, printing, binding) usually take longer and the total order tends to be delayed. At Proindex, as the final point in the process, we realize that the production on our end should take place quickly. Thanks to the speed of the final operation, which we carry out on the product, we are often able to make up for lost time and efficiently assist in meeting the customer’s delivery date.

We will endeavour to achieve maximum product quality

We guarantee the quality of our services. However, we cannot retroactively affect the qualitative deficiencies arising in the phases which precede our services (printing, binding). On the other hand, we are professionals with years of experience in the industry, and our experienced eyes almost always register and reveal such errors. Because we’re dedicated to ensuring that the overall quality of the product is as high as possible, each customer will be informed of each such defect in the shortest possible timeframe. We will of course help our customers eliminate such defects, or at least mitigate the impact of potential losses – e.g. sorting the product into 1st and 2nd quality categories. We’ve been operating on the European market long enough to know that for every business there is no greater satisfaction than a satisfied customer looking forward to an excellently-processed product…